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5yr old swing, welded at scuppers, $400? should I?

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I've been lurking here for some time, and along with the usual newbie praises i have for your members, i have found that it really is an amazing community you guys have here.

I have learnt much looking through posts and my interest has built enough momentum to the point of having me jumping up and down when i got the green light from wifey to make a griefless purchase. (it sure helped that she felt guilty for going to the ca$ino for a work function).

I have a canoe with 28lb kota and outriggers which i fish in middle harbour occasionally (im sure i've seen some of you guys out), being time poor keeps me off the water as well as this beast being a real mission to transport for one person, but i love fishing in a small quiet vessel.

My question is regarding a $400 ex-hire perception swing that the guy told me has been welded at the scuppers. I would like to go offshore after some practice, is this a good idea? I would imagine these things are pretty tough but i'm sure this one has taken a beating (will see it on tuesday). I don't care what it looks like as long as it functions well. Alternatively he has a 1.5yr OK Scupper pro (not sure if it has rear tank well) for $750. Any thoughts you guys have would be appreciated.

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G day tuco, welcome along. I love a big canoe, feel free to chat about her exploits here aswell. Re the yaks, I guess the Swing and Scupper Pro were the best of the available fishing floaters about 4 years ago, but there's a lot more options on the market now as the whole shebang grows. Both are still great options, especially if ya going in with a light wallet. Re the welding, my Swing was welded at the scuppers within the first few weeks of purchase after I noticed more light shining through in a small slither. At the time I was told it was a problem in colour pigmentation settling when it was made, but not something that affected the integrity of the hull. The scuppers were welded regardless (probably cause I was wearing my angry look), and after the job was done I poked and prodded the area and kept an eye on it. Since then I've had absolutley no issues with the scuppers, and it's done a heap of trips. I'm 100% confident with em, and actually like the idea they've been reinforced for my butt. Other areas to run an eye over for a second hand yak would be where extra's are fitted (if any), for example where foot pegs are screwed in or where hatches seal (rear hatches will make the job of fitting her out easier). Also check the hull over for any dents which may have been caused by heat stress (for instance if it's been on top of a car's roofracks tied down too tight in the sun or stored incorrectly). It's likely ya not looking at a ruddered version, but if ya are then have a butchers it moves freely and isn't bent outta shape. You can also check for leaks around the scuppers by putting the hose inside a hatch and putting maybe an inch of water in there. You'll probably find stuff wrong with an ex rental, but apart from crap scuppers (which I wouldn't touch) the rest of the defects may not be reason enough not to buy...but should give ya a clear conscience about what ya getting. It'll also give ya something to bargain with. Good luck with it. :wink: :D
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On the water and fishing Pete...let's see the reels rattle and hum. Congrats :wink: :D
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