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2007 Fishing Comp - feedback please

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Hi All.

Well 2007 is only a couple of weeks away, and as mentioned a few weeks ago I'd like to keep the fishing comp going, but 'tweak' it a bit to encourage more entries and to allow as many AKFF'ers as possible to participate. (of course if the weather decides to cooperate that would be good too!)

So, based on feedback that I've receive from everyone, I've come up with the following format for 2007. If there's any other ideas / thoughts / suggestions / complaints, then speak up now!!

OK, here it is.

Monthly comp period to run from First Saturday of the Month till Second Sunday of the month. This includes 2 full weekends and one 5 day midweek period, a total of 8 days.

Each angler is encouraged to submit as many fish as they like, however only their BEST 2 fish will be considered for points (the angler should nominate which 2 fish he wants included)

ALL yakkers will receive points, even if they do not catch fish. All fish submitted will receive points (up to a maximum of 2 fish per person) and those who do not catch fish will still receive 'participation' points.

Point system will operate as follows (thanks Dodge!)
1st - 100 points
2nd - 90 points
3rd - 80 points
4th - 70 points
5th - 60 points
6th - 50 points
All other fish submitted - 30 points
Yakkers that participated but did not catch fish - 15 points

Fish submitted for points must be documented in a photo against anything that shows actual length. This may be brag mat, alvey ruler, sewing tape or fisheries sticker etc. LARGE fish may be excluded from this procedure if the angler feels that it may harm the fish in any way, however a photo of the fish and 'approximate' size/weight should be submitted. (This is in response to Funda's concerns over his cod, and also guys such as the NZ crew who weigh their snapper but don't always measure them). Again, this should only apply to LARGE, HEAVY or BITEY :shock: fish.

I'd like your opinions on how we go about awarding participation points for yakkers that have got out there but not caught fish. Do these yakkers just add their mane to the monthly comp thread or should we ask for photographic evidence that they 'got out there' (such as a pic taken from the yak or of their yak at waters edge). I would prefer this option, as we would expect that anyone wanting to enter the comp would be carrying their camera anyway?? Thoughts?

State versus State will continue, but points will be awarded to the NUMBER of PARTICIPANTS per state (previously it was the total length of all fish caught per state). So even if you don't catch anything, you can still get out there and chalk up points for your state. (To keep this fair a handicap system will be worked out depending on how many members we have per state - eg WA only has a handful of members so they will receive a higher handicap than say Qld or NSW). Again thoughts on this issue would be good.

I will now also ensure that all fish entered are automatically submitted to the mods for inclusion in the Hall of Fame (if they meet the criteria). In the past Scott (mod) has been too busy to update this, so i'll be assisting him here.

Theme months will be introduced from time to time. eg 'Soft Plastics only" or "Bait only" to encourage different ways of fishing. Suggestions will be taken on board here, as obviously some waters do not allow certain styles of fishing.

Monthly E-Certificate will be sent to winner. We expect that the winner will then post a shot of his ugly mug alongside the certificate. Well if he's going to have bragging rights for the month, then we've gotta have something to bag him out about, don't we!

usual comp rules also apply, eg Fish must be caught from yak, only legal length fish can be entered etc etc

Can everyone give me their thoughts on the above? Does this sound OK?
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Sounds bloomin great Davey G ... and i like the fact i can still get points for not catching a fish but having still got on the water.
I might be able to win this comp YET. 8)

p.s. this does mean i gotta go out and get another Digital Camera (waterproof 1 this time :oops: )
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