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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby kaseydog » Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:49 pm

Steven I am fairly sure that the Gen 2 7 touch has the "seperate box thingy" built into the head unit, but you need 2 transducers to get side imaging and sonar.
I have just been through this same exersize and ended up with the Elite 5 HDI, which does everything (i love the GPS)except side imaging.
The final decision was $2000 for 7 touch or $550 for Elite 5 HDI, for the type of fishing i do i could not justify the extra cost.
If i was doing tournments then it would be a different outcome.
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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby Zilch » Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:55 pm

StevenM wrote: Or is the Elite 5 (RRP ??? is it still available??) the top of the pops? It seems to have down imaging but not normal echo? Is that right? It has a chart plotter / gps as well, but is not getting the runs on the board of fanfare of the HDS – 5 Gen 2.

This link will answer your question. There is also a toll free phone number shown within that link, I phoned Lowrance before buying mine and the guy I spoke to couldn't do enough to assist, brilliant !

StevenM wrote: Then there is the Elite – 5 HDI (RRP 828.99) – This unit has a normal echo plus chart plotter and “hybrid down imaging” – What the hell is that ?

Conventional broadband sounder (this shows the fish as a arch, no matter which brand, 2D ) , plus down scan imagining (3D, mainly used to show structure, fish show just as a dot, no matter which brand sounder).

I have recently bought the Elite 4X HDI (released 3 weeks ago, $250 delivered from Victoria) and fitted it to my updated Outback (Lowrance ready) couldn't be happier. The quality of picture is as good as what they show :shock: , could also have something to do with Hobie incorporating the Lowrance ready system. I would expect the larger models you are looking at getting would display equally as good and be easier to see / read due to the screen size.

StevenM wrote: I have never had any Lowrance products but the kayak I just purchased (no 3 from that family that will be housed here) is ready to accept the Lowrance. .

I would think the inbuilt Lowrance ready sounder mount has enough room to mount any brand transducer. My Elite 4X HDI transducer is quite large, 2 transducers in one (conventional plus the additional down scan all in one).

Good luck.

PS. I have no association with Lowrance, just one happy customer.

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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby mattattaylorsbeach » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:20 pm

After dealing with lowrance lack of customer service (after they said unit needed replacement) I switched to Hb. 597hd-DI ($729 from bcf) and never looked back
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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby mattattaylorsbeach » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:40 pm

Was just their cheap mark 4. Did the usual 4series thing with fogging. When I contacted them they were quick to say it needed replacement but then never returned the calls, answered emails etc. Hence I went to bird when I upgraded
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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby bildad » Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:11 pm

BigGee wrote:
nezevic wrote:Isn't hummingbird just a dumbed down rebadged lowrance unit anyway?



Thanx for re-establishing that for us.
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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby MrX » Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:51 pm

Steven, I've been using a Gen 2 7 touch for a few months. Great unit. Expensive! (I didn't pay for it).

I use a duel transducer - normal sonar plus dsi. It is fatter than a normal sonar transducer (or a dsi "pencil").

The sidescan stuff is built into the head unit, no separate box, but you need a second transducer. I have not connected up a side scan tranny. I don't think I need it for my fishing - inshore. It's not helpful in the swell & chop, as the yak is bouncing around too much.

That said, I hardly ever use the dsi either - it's pretty useless offshore. Can't see fish, and bottom structure is a mess when the water is not flat.

The normal broadband sonar is excellent, but only marginally better than my elite 5X.

Eats power. I get 6-7 hours on a 9.8AH li-ion on GPS and normal sonar, less if pinging the dsi and actively mapping.

What do you get for the extra $ ?

Functionality: The touchsceen is more like a smartphone than a traditional clunky sounder or GPS - and it's all intuitive. Change screens, mark baitballs & drop-offs, scroll backwards and mark, manage tracks, navigate, zoom in and out ....

Size. The screen is massive. Means when you split between sonar and chartplotter, you can still see both. (although two dedicated units, one sonar and one GPS, would give you similar results for a fraction of the cost).

The mapping: The mapping function is brilliant! Make your own contour maps of the bottom. The results are incomparable to anything you can buy - drop offs, reefs.

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Re: Lowrance Sounders

Postby spottymac » Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:54 pm

Steven there is another sounder in the range you are looking at with Awesome new technology that is available to the every day fisherman that has only been available in the high end sounders.
I have the Garmin GPS Map 557 SX with Chrip. it is as good as they say, plus it has a 2 year warranty.
I use it for ocean fishing so you have to seal the extra connection on the back and the card slot on the front, my one is on the jet ski and has had a hard life and it still going strong,
This is a write up from a SA


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