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Re: Palm Beach Australia Day

Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:07 am

Is Dennis still around - and fishing from Palm Beach? Amazing guy, I remember him from more than 15 years ago.

Re: Palm Beach Australia Day

Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:12 pm

HI Nick (Redro)
Long time no see
Yes I Dropped in to see Dennis last week with Steven (Couta.1 )
He dosen't get out fishing much any more but still loves getting around the garage sale on a Saturday morning,
Are you still living overseas are you still paddling a yak,
Cheers Stu

Re: Palm Beach Australia Day

Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:43 pm

Hi Stu, good to hear from you - and good to hear that Dennis is still fit and healthy. Yes, we are still in France - nearly 11 years now. Spring has just sprung, always the best time of the year - after a long, cold winter. I certainly miss the Brisbane weather - but love the easy access to Europe (thanks to the budget airline easyJet). We are still in the middle of France in Lyon, and sadly I have not done any fishing - just too far from the sea, and lake fishing doesn't float my boat. I do have an inflatable SUP, which I use for exercise. I am still very involved with the kayak industry, through work (we supply the graphic technology for the logos) and am amazed by the growth and level of sophistication in the kayak industry now. The sport has certainly come a long way, since we paddled off Palm Beach on those "Debu" flat top kayaks, with our Alvey reels! Companies like Feel Free are putting out amazing kayaks now - I visited their factory in Thailand last year. Of course, a lot of cheap kayaks are coming out of China now, supplying the likes of Anaconda Sports and BCF in Aus. Are you still fishing Stu? I keep in touch with Ross and Tony, but they don't seem to do much kayak fishing now. I was in Aus in 2016 and Ross lent me a kayak and I joined them both for a paddle. We did not catch anything, but it was good to be on the water again. Cheers, keep well!
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