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Welcome to the Australian Kayak Fishing web site, providing comprehensive kayak fishing information to thousands of members and guests, worldwide.

The Australian Kayak Fishing website is a resource for all Kayak Fishing aficionados in Australia and overseas.

The forum component of the web site, is an online bulletin board, designed as a meeting place for those that enjoy kayak fishing.

AKFF is not a club, organisation, or company. The Australian Kayak Fishing Forum is operated by volunteers, who provide their free time to help administer the site and develop the resource for the kayak fishing community.

Please note that the Australian Kayak Fishing Forum is merely a distributor of information, and does not purport to be, or aim to be, a publisher. While AKFF does have a Moderation and Post Reporting structure in place, AKFF does not accept any responsibility for any material posted on this site.

The Australian Kayak Fishing Forum is intended to be an independent resource for those interested in kayak fishing. We will endeavour to keep AKFF free of undeclared commercial interests, and as a place where both the beginner can learn about kayak fishing and ask questions, and the more experienced angler can share their knowledge.

The Australian Kayak Fishing Forum is a not for profit site. Any revenues raised from advertising, or merchandise sales will fund site hosting fees, or will be put back into the site for the benefit of members. Any website advertising space is provided by AKFF on the understanding that AKFF does not endorse or recommend the products/services that the company is advertising. Members are urged to base all purchasing decisions on their own research.

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