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Trip Reports
Paulb, Sbd, Wrassemagnet, Avayak, Keza, Clarkos, AJD and Johnny have a hairy night on The Cowan River NSW.
Bdahm provides a taste of it all in a week long trip to Fraser Island Qld.
Decay provides an international feel with his return trip to Ono Fiji.
Goanywhere tells us how easily it can all go wrong on his solo trip down The Coorong SA.
Paulo gives us a wrap up of the Longtail Tuna season at The Sunshine Coast Qld.
Mingle, Eric and The Fishin’ Musician exorcise their daemons at Little Snake Island Vic.
And Barrabundy tries to do justice to the fishing paradise that is The Whitsundays Qld.

Video Trip Reports
Fishbrain and StevenM take us through Cod’s Country near Texas Qld.
Zoso gives a wonderful taste of the old world with France 2011 in review.

Grinner shares and gains some knowledge on improving his shallow reef fishing for Snapper.
Squidley wants to know how to go about chasing Kingfish off the Port Augusta power plant.
Agent009 asks about the need for front and rear tie downs.
And Barrabundy asks the brains trust about what he needs to do and take on a multi-day kayak trip.

Bigdyl wants to know who carries EPIRBs offshore.
And Lachlan1998 seeks help in compiling an offshore safety equipment list.

Kayak Showroom
Jace89 shows us his new pimped Seabird Fisherman 12.

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