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AKFF Select October 2012

In this issue:

Trip Reports
Drjed with a couple of firsts from a second attempt at a secret creek in Metropolitan Brisbane Qld.
Premium plays the casting role of Scumdog Millionaire at The Basin NSW.
Blueyak, Cid, BigGee, Squidder and Robsea go for glory at the SSBS Grand Final.
Sunshiner got more surface action than he bargained for at Laguna Bay Qld.
Karnage gets more hits than Psy, monstering Mulloway ganghook style in Sydney Harbour NSW.
Honb stirs up shared memories as he thrills us with his first yak fish in Sydney’s Middle Harbour NSW.
Krisvander experiences bust-ups, blowouts, birdsnests and big Bass on the Brisbane River Qld.
John316 shows us every snow cloud has a silver lining when he retreats to Wallaga Lake NSW.
and Kayayone’s double double gets him in trouble with his double at Scarborough Qld.

Video Trip Reports
Arnocomment serves up a professional and heart-warming serving of kayak fishing in Brittany France.
Bejay bedazzles with a bunch of burly bream from the Patterson River Vic.
Darwin shares his floating pontoon breaming techniques on Port Hacking NSW.
Rhino captures a rare red hot bite of Reds on camera at Port Phillip Bay Vic.
and Keza captures a myriad of moments in the life of a kayak fisherman off the coast of Sydney NSW.

Solatree answers the question on the lips of every northern angler, what the fook is a Snook?
Occulator keeps it seasonal with the spring (cleaning) theme of kayak gear storage.
Imtheman asks if cheaper lures are the only answer to the financial woes of chasing Mangrove Jack.
Mobynick brings up the perennial chestnut of whether or not to use snaplinks.
Anselmo weighs up the pros and cons of the weight of numbers of anglers.
Then provides us with a wealth of traps and tricks for rod building including a mouth-watering example.
Lightly seeks the hardbodied truth in his quest for the perfect lures for lurking Flathead.
and Indiedog asks a somewhat loaded question on home tackle storage.

Kayakone reminds us on the need to practice deep water kayak re-entry.
and Breambo wants to know who carries a hookknife.

Kayak Showroom
Nativeman sells us some pimping of his Wilderness Systems Ride 115.
Geordie dries his ride with an intricate and ingenious home made self draining scupper plug.
and Flyinpete gives us a pictorial voyage through the fitout of his Cobra Escape.

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AKFF Select September 2012

Snapper1.jpgIn this issue:

Trip Reports
Paulo takes a break from work to work the breaks all over Suburban SE Qld.
Geminiwraith trolls up a crabeater on a quiet day at Noosa Qld.
Boogie provides a word picture more captivating than any photograph in Hawaii USA.
Then he backs it up with a piscatorial pictorial at Christmas Island.
Kayakone defies doctors orders to rehabilitate with a metre of Longtail off Scarborough Qld.
Beekeeper explains what what the same ordeal looked like through green coloured glasses.
Then, refusing to be outdone, spins his own tale at Scarborough Qld.
Brez and Pescado have the Midas touch, turning pork into gold at Windamere NSW.
Indiedog, Nad97, Foxx1, Huwie, Jfish87, Kahuma and Lapse say goodbye country, hello nightclub at Jumpinpin Qld.
Getsharkd shows that a bycatch can be the big catch at the Hawkesbury River NSW.
And Sunshiner is a rare spectator among many at Noosa Qld.

Video Trip Reports
Couta101 fills four minutes with rashied, grey and sandy monsters at Palm Beach Qld.
Darwin animates his desperation to avoid those pesky bream at Turriell Bay NSW.
Proangler doubles the fun, the generations, the cobia and the islands at Double Island Qld.
And Babymerv discovers a better form of sail propulsion at Rompin Malaysia.

Bildad tries to rid himself of his trolling addiction by finding better ways to flick plastics.
Smilne prompts some expert advice concerning the latest tests of shark shields.
Ubolt wants to know why he still manages to gut hook when using circle hooks.
Punchanello wonders if the price to pay for pricey braid is yet more wind knots.
Paulo goes all scientific and provides some real insights into the habits of Longtail Tuna.
And Nezevic wants to convert old tax dollars into new custom built graphite.

Squidley shows us how he made his Revo11 not new anymore.
Olddood gets grumpy at people that aren’t sufficiently scared of the dark.
Artie gives us a considered retrospective on his unexpected exit and re-entry.
Labrat asks the simple question whether in weather to tether.
And Scott wants to walky the talky by adding a VHF radio to his new AI.

Kayak Showroom
Squidley again, this time with a before shot of his Hobie Revolution 11 with sail.
Indiedog draws out the drooling as he slowly pimps his Stealth Evo 465.
And Nativeman shows us what he learnt from his first marriage to a Mantra Palani.

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AKFF Select August 2012

Malabar Barracuda.jpgIn this issue:

Trip Reports
Keza loses a toe and gains a lunch almost lost at Malabar NSW.
Drewboy and the Snapper season that keeps on giving at Adelaide SA and Solatree rubs his own face and ours in
Richmond describes the lengths required to land a longer Longtail at Jew Shoal Qld.
Bertros braves a Bonnie brisk morning at Sydney Harbour’s North Head NSW.
Indiedog teams up with a virgin for a spanking at Jumpinpin Qld.
Eric, Mingle and The Fishin’ Musician fill more adventure islands with Adventure Islands at Mann’s Retreat Vic.
Beekeeper shows us how an inaccrurate BOM can be the bomb at North Pine River Qld.
Zilch and Jwshark describes various states of underwear at Adelaide SA.
Wrassmagnet rides a horse that just won’t jump around Botany Bay NSW.
Spork shows us how best to make use of our licence fees at Brushy Lagoon Tas.
And Nativeman teams up with Junglefisher to cop some Cod near Texas Qld.

Video Trip Reports
Bbarton13 extols the virtues of fishing in paradise at Perdido key Florida USA.
He then follows it up with an epic day chasing Mahi Mahi off Navarre beach Florida USA.
Patwah does rats and carp real horrorshow somewhere lakeside in the ACT.
Fishbrain teases the afro and steps back to when mod was modern near Texas Qld.
Shufoy can’t help but remind us of our unadequacies, this time in HD, as he revisits his trip to Wilderness Island WA.
And Bildad gets done, outdone and undone on the Susan River Qld.

Shabby gazes into the AKFF crystal ball to unveil the future of fishing.
Swerve learns some hard lessons and suggests we should walk before we run.
Yak69 asks what we’ve all been wanting to – is the Sebile Koolie the new black?
Joel seeks advice on the optimal way to transfer line from one reel to another.
Indiedog is aiming to add to his arsenal of Flathead tactics.
Dodge steers us straight with a DIY rudder install.
And Getsharkd gets down deep and dirty with a DIY downrigger.

Kayak Showroom
Novice christens and pimps his new SIK, the Wilderness System Pungo120.
Squidley reminisces about loves past with his retrospective of the Emotion Stealth.
And Bonetti30 pimps and accessorises his secondhand Mission Xtreme 420.

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AKFF Select – July 2012

Gee Yak.jpgTrip Reports

BigGee warms to a serendipitous Brook at Jindabyne NSW.
Sunshiner is at it again, battling sand monsters and Snapper at Laguna Bay Qld then sickens us with an encore performance.
Redphoenix grants user access to his right brain with a poetic interlude at Coochiemudlo Island Qld.
Squidder and Blueyak discuss the success of the latter at competition Breaming in Sydney Harbour NSW.
Drewboy and Solatree tell us what it’s like to bag out on Snapper and King George Whiting off Adelaide SA.
Junglefisher uses proper good skillz to modify his mojo at Sandy Point Qld.
Eric and Surfanfish take one for the team fishing frigid and fishless freshwater in the Blue Rock Dam, Gippsland Vic.
Brant78 gets monstered by bycatch while targeting Snapper at Wasp Island, Durras NSW.
Ado gets mauled by more monster Bream on the South Coast of NSW and John316 premieres in the same play.

Video Trip Reports
Couta101 strikes fear into the hearts of parents by showing us what lurks beneath.
Topgunpete lets us appreciate the full extent of his epic battle with seven rods and Seven Gills at Merricks Vic.
Dizzyfish flies the British flag with pride as he tangles with a Huss in Wales.
And Squidley wears a couple to wrangle with worthy Whiting on an ocean somewhere in SA with a PB Snapper special feature.

Kayakone wonders if he has finally completed his quest for the best high load kayak trolley.
Tom84 wonders why so few of us are gettin’ jiggy with it.
Keza pits the combined intelligence of the AKFF brains trust against that of the humble Australian Salmon.
Mackyak’s yak gets cracked when attacked resulting in the need for a flush mount rod holder repair.
Dodge gets handy with home made lures as he whittles some wobblers.
And Kpac shows us a simple way to rig soft plastic stinger hooks.

Couta101 intended to produce a video trip report, but instead drags us through a safety lesson.

Kayak Showroom
Brettoqld takes us on a test run of the new Hobie Pro Angler 12.
My03vy sees red with his new Hobie Quest 11.
And Geordie provides an excellent step by step guide to modifying and mounting a Lowrence DSI Scupper Mount Transducer.

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AKFF Select – June 2012

Hairy.JPGIn this issue:

Trip Reports
Paulb, Sbd, Wrassemagnet, Avayak, Keza, Clarkos, AJD and Johnny have a hairy night on The Cowan River NSW.
Bdahm provides a taste of it all in a week long trip to Fraser Island Qld.
Decay provides an international feel with his return trip to Ono Fiji.
Goanywhere tells us how easily it can all go wrong on his solo trip down The Coorong SA.
Paulo gives us a wrap up of the Longtail Tuna season at The Sunshine Coast Qld.
Mingle, Eric and The Fishin’ Musician exorcise their daemons at Little Snake Island Vic.
And Barrabundy tries to do justice to the fishing paradise that is The Whitsundays Qld.

Video Trip Reports
Fishbrain and StevenM take us through Cod’s Country near Texas Qld.
Zoso gives a wonderful taste of the old world with France 2011 in review.

Grinner shares and gains some knowledge on improving his shallow reef fishing for Snapper.
Squidley wants to know how to go about chasing Kingfish off the Port Augusta power plant.
Agent009 asks about the need for front and rear tie downs.
And Barrabundy asks the brains trust about what he needs to do and take on a multi-day kayak trip.

Bigdyl wants to know who carries EPIRBs offshore.
And Lachlan1998 seeks help in compiling an offshore safety equipment list.

Kayak Showroom
Jace89 shows us his new pimped Seabird Fisherman 12.

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AKFF Select – May 2012

Golden2.jpgIn this issue:

Trip Reports
Shufoy explores the wilds of Wilderness Island WA.
Ado discovers a new local lake and rediscovers his passion for kayak fishing on the NSW South Coast.
Fatyak83 and Paulo get pulled around by Longtails at Moffats Qld.
Redphoenix and Decay generate universal envy with their multiday trip to the west coast of Fraser Island Qld.
Lapse and Grinner take us on a pictorial tour of Peel Island Qld.
Squidder and Paffoh were well rewarded for braving the elements at Lake Eucumbene NSW.
Sunshiner puts us all to shame (again) chasing the boils at Noosa Qld.
And Eric and The Fishin’ Musician pucker up against the big blow at Snake Island Vic.

Nubs asks how best to get into fly fishing.
Harden97 asks about the benefits of using braid.
Goanywhere wonders how best to keep his feet dry and warm.
Imnotoriginal seeks comfort in the selection of the ideal heavy spin outfit.

Kayak Showroom
Dru gives us his review of the new Stealth Profisha 575.
And Stevie gives us his thoughts on the Barracuda Ultralight Fish Pro.


    • Trip Reports • Re: Palm Beach Australia Day April 6, 2018
      Hi Stu, good to hear from you - and good to hear that Dennis is still fit and healthy. Yes, we are still in France - nearly 11 years now. Spring has just sprung, always the best time of the year - after a long, cold winter. I certainly miss the Brisbane weather - but […]
    • Trip Reports • Re: Palm Beach Australia Day April 3, 2018
      HI Nick (Redro) Long time no see Yes I Dropped in to see Dennis last week with Steven (Couta.1 )He dosen't get out fishing much any more but still loves getting around the garage sale on a Saturday morning,Are you still living overseas are you still paddling a yak,Cheers StuStatistics: Posted by spottymac — Tue […]
    • Trip Reports • Re: Palm Beach Australia Day April 1, 2018
      Is Dennis still around - and fishing from Palm Beach? Amazing guy, I remember him from more than 15 years ago.Statistics: Posted by Redro — Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:07 am
    • Trip Reports • 70kg Black Marlin- South Coast NSW June 29, 2017
      Gday yakkers,Earlier in the year I ticked off my #1 fishing goal- to properly land and release a Marlin from the hobie. To do it straight off the coast from my front doorstep made it all the more sweeter.It's been years in the making, I hooked my first Marlin from the yak back in 2013- […]
    • Trip Reports • Re: SA - Fowlers Bay, far west coast March 14, 2016
      Hi, looks fantastic....what was the name of the shack you stayed at and how did you get onto it? Also have you yakked anywhere near Yalata/head of the bight/dog fence beach?? Cheers, StottyStatistics: Posted by stotty — Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:29 pm
    • Trip Reports • port phillip bay werribee south October 14, 2015
      despite it being the start of the snapper season down here left the boat at home today & thought I'd try for some squid off the RAAF base with the yak. after a long pedal from the nude beach dragging some soft placcys in the hope of snagging a flatty but no luck (have got […]
    • Trip Reports • Re: Any latte sippers on here? June 20, 2015
      G'day Simon,I live in the area and would be keen to explore the bay and the ledge out the front. Paddling out has to be better than climbing down the cliff! I'm away with work until late July, send us a message if you'd like some company.Good-oHughStatistics: Posted by Hughie — Sat Jun 20, 2015 […]
    • Trip Reports • Corvina 14 Kg \ White seabass 30 Lbs June 13, 2015
      Hi!Here´s a video of a catch on river tagus - Portugal object Best regardsStatistics: Posted by Ramos23 — Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:30 am
    • Trip Reports • Re: Cuttlefish from Portugal April 14, 2015
      Cool music broStatistics: Posted by joey — Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:39 pm
    • Trip Reports • Cuttlefish from Portugal March 21, 2015
      object Best regardsStatistics: Posted by Ramos23 — Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:22 am
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